The Unanchored Project Manager Vol. 2: Planning Life as an Unanchored PM


Michael is a technical project/program management manager.

The driving motivation for writing this series is to inspire your ideas and fuel the creativity within you. I was happy to receive the emails and comments from my previous article, all of which I fully appreciated and took time to digest and reply to (thank you all!). Most of these questions were along the lines of “How do you know when it’s time to make such a drastic change in your life?” and “What should that change be?” I cannot answer these types of questions in depth, as they are individualized for every person in their particular situation. I did want to convey my feelings on them from a broad perspective, though.

What I can advise is to look at your situation from a high level or outside perspective and work the problem (or solution) backward. Start at the “perfect” end goal you desire, then fill in the steps to achieve it by using a reverse timeline and marking off resources required to define objectives and overcome obstacles. I have used this method quite often. When performed properly, it can be an excellent outline of a life plan for either short or long-term goals. I hope to become a positive resource and provide you with some key takeaways that can improve your position by viewing life from a unique perspective, and spark solutions from within each of you.

Now to discuss one of the most serious aspects of this …

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